Q: It seems like every day I hear something about the dangers of sugar or other sweeteners. I’m confused about which sweeteners are the healthiest choices, which do you recommend?

A: My patients ask me this question a lot! It’s definitely better to avoid added sweeteners of any kind and foods or beverages made with them. However, this is pretty unrealistic as most of us want a “little something sweet” as a treat. However, because insulin-resistant diabetes is epidemic in this country, it’s very important to look carefully at our consumption of sugars. The only sweeteners that are safe to consume are honey, 100% pure maple syrup and stevia. This being said, honey and maple syrup will dramatically elevate blood sugar and need to be used in extreme moderation. Stevia, which is an all-natural, non-caloric sweetener, is the best choice, however, and will not elevate blood sugar. Stevia can be found in powdered or liquid forms and is available in all markets and natural food stores.

What sweeteners are the healthiest choices?

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