Q: I’ve sustained a lot of shoulder injuries and now my orthopedist says that I need rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. He’s referred me to you to treat my pain prior to surgery and help with post-op pain. What can I expect with acupuncture treatment for my shoulder pain?

A: I routinely treat pain associated with rotator cuff injury with acupuncture and topical pain relieving medicines. With acupuncture treatment you can expect to have far less pain in the weeks leading up to your surgery, and far less post-op pain. What’s great about this is that you’ll likely need fewer (or no) pain medications both pre-op and post-op. Acupuncture treatment dramatically reduces inflammation and thus pain. It also encourages blood circulation in damaged tissue which encourages more rapid healing.

My orthopedist referred me to you for rotator cuff pain, will acupuncture help?

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