Q: I’m a sixty year old man and I play lots of golf. Recently, my hands and wrists have become so painful that they’re wrecking my golf game! Pain medications haven’t helped much, and I don’t like taking them all the time. Can acupuncture help me?

A: There are lots of golfers here in the Santa Ynez Valley and as a result, I see quite a few patients with complaints like yours. Acupuncture can really help with pain related to playing golf and thus help to improve your game. I’d also recommend playing nine holes versus eighteen when you can to reduce the stress on your hands and wrists. In addition to acupuncture, I recommend that my patients with golfing related pain use herbal pain relieving creams (my clinic stocks several) prior to playing golf. I also highly recommend pain relieving epsom salt bathing for any painful condition. Simply mix one cup of epsom salts into a standard bathtub-full of comfortably warm water and soak for twenty minutes. Great after a game for relaxation and pain relief!

I have bad pain in my hands from playing golf. It’s wrecking my game! Can you help?

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