Q: I’ve heard that there are special herbal tonics that can increase health and longevity, do you know about these?

A: Yes, Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporates many herbal “longevity tonics” that have been consumed in China for thousands of years. In fact, it is common in China for men and women beginning at roughly age thirty-five to start consuming these tonics to help produce a healthier aging process. The herbs used in these tonics vary according to what the tonic is to be used for, but share the qualities of promoting energy, reducing the effects of stress, improving sleep and digestion. There are, additionally, separate herbal tonics for men and women and separate tonics for different age groups. In my clinic, I frequently prescribe these herbal tonics to boost my patients general health and vitality and promote longevity.

Are there herbal tonics that increase health and longevity?

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