Q: I’m a fifty year old women and really want to do all I can to keep a youthful complexion. I’ve tried all sorts of creams and lotions which promise to improve skin health and texture and haven’t seen results. What can you tell me about how to have healthy skin as I age?

A: I always say that healthy skin is created “inside out”, meaning that it’s what we put in our bodies that determines skin health and appearance. Cosmetic companies would have you believe that healthy, beautiful skin comes from lotions and cosmetics, but these products can do little to produce skin health. Diet is the most important determinant of healthy skin and needs to be primarily vegetable-based, and containing whole, unrefined foods. Eliminate refined sugars (especially high fructose corn syrup products), refined non-whole grain flours, and fried foods (like chips, French fries). Good skin texture is also determined by adequate water intake – drink at least eight 9 ounce glasses of purified water daily. Also, get your “beauty sleep” – sleep really does improve skin! Aim for eight hours of sleep nightly.

I’m a fifty year old woman and want to keep a youthful complexion. Can your treatments help?

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