Q: I’ve just been diagnosed as having fibrocystic breasts. Finally I have an explanation for all the breast pain I’ve been having. I’m usually worse just before my period. A friend told me that acupuncture and herbal medicine really helped her fibrocystic breast symptoms. Can I be helped too?

A: Yes, definitely. Fibrocystic breasts are extremely common, and affect up to fifty percent of all women at some point in their lives. Symptoms include pain, swelling and “lumpiness” of the breasts, especially in the upper, outer area of the breasts. The exact cause of this condition isn’t known, but hormonal imbalances are thought to be a trigger for the condition. Traditional Chinese Medicine also recognizes that excessive stress, caffeine consumption and poor diet play important causative roles. The treatments I use include acupuncture to regulate hormonal balance, herbal medicinals to soothe breast pain and reduce swelling, and dietary changes to promote improved overall health. These therapies have proven to be very effective for women suffering from fibrocystic breasts.

I have fibrocystic breasts with bad pain. Can your treatments help me?

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