Q: I’ve torn a meniscus in my left knee and the doctor says that rest and physical therapy are all I need to recover. My physical therapist says that adding acupuncture treatment to my recovery program could really benefit me. How can acupuncture help me?

A: A torn meniscus (menisci, plural) is one of the most common injuries. We have two menisci in each knee which act as friction and shock absorbers for weight bearing and movement. Not all meniscus injuries require surgery, and your physical therapist is correct that adding acupuncture treatment to your recovery regimen can be of great benefit to you. Acupuncture, in your case, can dramatically reduce inflammation and thus reduce pain. In addition, acupuncture improves blood circulation to the injured areas which also facilitates healing. In my clinic, I’ve had good success helping patients with torn menisci recover faster and reduce or eliminate their use of pain medication.

Does acupuncture help with pain from a torn meniscus?

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