Q: I’m really confused about what nutritional supplements to take – can you give me some guidelines?

A: Yes, there’s a lot of confusion, and many opinions, about what nutritional supplements to take and in what amounts. What I recommend is a basic group of essential supplements with specialized supplements added for individual needs. In terms of nutritional supplement brands, I favor supplements made from food concentrates as our bodies are designed to utilize nutrients from food. I don’t recommend supplements composed of man-made nutrients which are found in the more inexpensive supplement brands often sold in “big box” stores or supermarkets. Many of these inferior man-made nutrients are very poorly absorbed which makes the supplements containing them ultimately a poor bargain. The “core” group of nutritional supplements I recommend are: Vitamin C (500 mg. daily), B Complex, a multiple vitamin, and Vitamin D3 (2,000-3,000 IU daily, or more depending on individual needs). To this core group of supplements I would add a calcium/multi-mineral supplement for women, medicinal mushroom supplements for immune disorders, and anti-inflammatory supplements for conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. By the way, my clinic offers excellent prices on the core group of food concentrate supplements I recommend.

What nutritional supplements should I be taking?

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